Help! My Brain is trying to Kill Me!

Understanding Cognitive Biases and Mitigating their Effects on our Decision Making

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Help! My Brain is Trying to Kill Me!

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About the Course

This online course examines how our unconscious mind often plays an important, and not always helpful, role in our decision making. Several psychological concepts such as heuristics and cognitive biases are discussed in a way designed to provide a practical understanding of how they affect in particular, our aeronautical decision making. Some practical mitigation strategies are also presented.

The course will require approximately one hour, fifteen minutes to complete. A quiz is presented at the end of the course. Successful completion of the quiz is required to receive Wings credit for the course. The course is valid for one Basic Knowledge-1 credit.

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This course is presented in HTML5 which should allow it to function on most devices. It is fully narrated so make sure your sound is on. For the best experience, it is recommended to take the course on a desktop or laptop device.

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The course will require approximately one hour, fifteen minutes to complete, but you may leave and resume the course providing you return via the same device on which you began. The course will mostly run automatically, with user input needed for one exercise and to begin the course and to begin the quiz. It is narrated so be sure your speakers are on. You may pause the course or navigate to the next or previous slides. If you leave the course before you finish and then return to it on the same device, you will be prompted to resume where you left off or begin again. After the last slide, you will click a button to begin the quiz. There are ten questions that must all be answered correctly to earn Wings credit. If you choose an incorrect answer, simply try the question again. Once you have answered all the questions correctly, you may click on the "Finish" button. You will then be taken to a form in which you will enter your first and last name, plus the email address you use to log into When you click the "Submit" button, an email will be sent automatically to me requesting Wings credit. Credit is usually issued within 24 hours. But, it is done manually, requiring me to be at a computer with a secure internet connection. So if I am traveling, it may take a few days before I can accomplish that. Once credit has been issued, you will receive an automated email message from FAASafety confirming your Wings credit.


To receive FAA Wings credit, you must provide the email address you use to access on the form shown after quiz completion. Credit cannot be issued if the FAA system does not recognize the submitted email address.

The course requires approximately one hour, fifteen minutes to complete and is worth one Basic Knowledge-1 Wings credit toward the FAA Wings Pilot Proficiency Program.

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Material contained in this course is for informational purposes only.  It should not be construed as directive, doctrinal, or instructive.  Individuals should consult with their flight school management, certificated flight instructors, aircraft manufacturer recommendations and directives, Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) and/or appropriate FAA publications including the Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM) Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge (PHAK), the Code of Federal Regulations, and applicable FAA Advisory Circulars (ACs) for specific guidance relative to any information or before employing any recommendations contained in this course.  Further, nothing in this webinar is intended to contradict or be in disagreement with any official FAA rule or regulation, nor should such material be interpreted or construed as such.  This webinar is intended exclusively to promote general aviation safety through increased knowledge and understanding.